Daniel Göz  visuals

Salmo trutta lacustris

Salmo trutta lacustris is a wildlife film on the rare European lake trout. The film was shot with fish ecologist Matthias Meyer in the Bernese Upland / Swiss Alps. The film follows large female trout as they migrate into high altitude Alpine streams to return to their birthplace during late fall. A strong homing instinct and remarkable senses which include olfactory imprint and bio-magnetism guide them back to their natal site which now becomes the site the adult females lay their eggs into. The film documents the migration and the entire complex spawning ritual of these rare and highly endangered salmonids as never filmed before including the lake trout releasing her eggs and a male behaviour never documented before in scientific papers or film. The film will be screened at selected film festivals.


World Premiere "International Wildlife Film Festival" Missoula, Monday April 20th 2015, 7:15 pm at the Roxy Theater For more info on the venue: http://wildlifefilms.org